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The Last Word

Anna Koryakovskaya, Stable Girl
Anna Koryakovskaya is 23 and works as a stable girl at the Otrada Equestrian Centre, the home of the Russian Polo Club. Her duties include mucking out the stables, grooming the horses, and exercising them. After the polo players had left we asked her for The Last Word.

When did you start to work with horses?
At 17, which is very late. Thatís why Iím not a sportswoman.

Why horses?
I fell in love with them. And when you fall in love, itís an illness.

I see from the ring that youíre married; your husband works here as well?
Iím engaged, and heís not here, heís in Cheropovets, still waiting.

How long have you been working here?
For a year.

Straight from school?
Why do you think that? I was at Cherepovets State University, and graduated as a teacher of biology. I was also studying on a parallel course at the Junior Sports School.

Do you have your own horse?
No, I donít have the money; but I will have a horse.

What do you think about polo?
I think that itís interesting because of the control that you need. Itís like an art.

And the people who play polo?
Anything to do with horses costs money.

© 2005 Jeremy Noble