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Imperial Romanov Family Notecards (available soon)

In February 1903 Emperor Nicholas II held a costume ball at the Winter Palace in St Petersburg. By all accounts it was the grandest, most magnificent ball of the age, and marks the summit of Imperial Russian display. Enormous sums of money were spent upon fabrics and jewels, and before the ball photographs were taken of the guests in their seventeenth-century costumes.

After a long search I found the album in the old archives of the Imperial Court, and I have reproduced here the photographic portraits of eight members of the Imperial family, headed by Emperor Nicholas and Empress Alexandra. It is an impressive ‘family album’ but if you look at the dates of birth and death you will see that only three of these eight members of the Imperial Romanov Family would survive the coming revolution.

Size: 6 3/4 x 4 3/4 (11 x 15 cm)


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