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The Sun

Directed by Alexander Sokurov
Drama (2004)
115 mins
Screenplay by Yury Arabov
English-language dialogue by Jeremy Noble

Some of the finest films in this year's selection [at the Toronto Film Festival 2005] - and possibly of the year - include ... Alexander Sokurov's work "The Sun" NEW YORK TIMES

"...maybe a Sokurov masterpiece..." VILLAGE VOICE

"A fine, fascinating film...a witty, touching, supremely expressive turn by Ogata" TIME OUT

"Remarkable...this daring, disturbing and gripping film...Mesmerising and brilliant" THE GUARDIAN

"Extraordinary" FINANCIAL TIMES

"Measured, wry and touching portrait of the Japanese emperor Hirohito " EMPIRE

"The Sun is a work to be savoured" FILM REVIEW


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Jeremy Noble

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Dear Jeremy Noble,

Thank you for sending me a copy of this (Marlene made Me), which we have now had a chance to read and consider. However, I'm afraid I cannot offer a way forward for the piece here at the National.

I though this piece took a timely look at some of the problems people suffer in society today as they pursue love and acceptance with no guarantees of a happy ending. However, I didn't feel I really got into the heads of the characters and this prevented me from a greater understanding of the situation they get themselves into.

I'm sorry to disappoint, but wish you success with the future of the piece.

Yours sincerely

Jack Bradley
Literary Manager,
National Theatre, London

June 2005

Hello Vivien (Vivien Calmbrood is the pseudonym of Jeremy Noble)

We are delighted to inform you that your play has reached the shortlist of the International Playwriting Festival along with ten other plays. Over five hundred plays were submitted this year, so congratulations on your achievement.
All the short-listed plays will now be read by the judging panel and discussed at a meeting on Monday 13 October when the selected plays for 2004 will be decided.
The results will be announced at a reception for the national press at midday on Wednesday 20 October at the Aldwych Theatre.
The staging of the selected plays will take place on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 November, with the rehearsals taking place two or three days before.
Should your play be successful, we will be requesting you to attend the press reception, and of course, the rehearsals and reading for your play. In this instance, I will telephone you to discuss how we proceed.

Once again, congratulations on reaching the shortlist - and good luck!

Rose Marie Vernon
Festival Administrator
Warehouse Theatre Company, UK
September 2004


A Century of Russian Ballet: Desk Diary 2000

by Jeremy Noble

"I don't think I have seen anything more beautiful in Russian ballet, except the ballet itself. Treat yourself."
Dance Magazine: New York, USA

"This is certainly a diary that will find a place on our bookshelves for years to come."
Dancing Times: London, UK

"The word 'diary' does little to describe this utterly fascinating book. This is that rare commodity, a diary that's impossible to put down."
Dance Expression: London, UK

"The breadth of picture research is impressive. Dance author and playwright Jeremy Noble has plundered the archives and libraries in Russia, the US and the UK to find stunning images that stand up as aesthetic achievements in their own right."
Pulse: St Petersburg, Russia

"Doing Nureyev in 300 or so words is an obviously impossible task, but Noble spices them up with some brief technical observations, interesting anecdotes and what one might fairly describe as 'good gossip', which shows that the author knows his subject through and through."
St Petersburg Times: St Petersburg, Russia

© 2005 Jeremy Noble